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Contractor Licensure Guidelines in Florida


If you’re interested in becoming a licensed contractor in Florida, there are certain guidelines to follow on the pathway to your licensure.  In Florida, there are two types of  licenses available: certified and registered.  Certified licenses allow you to work as a contractor anywhere in Florida. Registered licenses are limited to certain local jurisdictions and only allow you to work in the cities or counties where you hold a certificate of competency. Keep in mind, a plumber’s license is a different license than that obtained by a contractor. A Florida plumbing license is issued by the locality in which the plumber wants to work. If you are going to perform plumbing work for pay in Florida, two licenses are involved: 1) the license held by the contractor, and 2) the license held by the plumber. The contractor is the one with the legal right to perform work for hire. The plumber is the one who is actually performing the plumbing work. The plumber is either an employee of the contractor or may be the contractor themselves. The individual counties in Florida (not the state) issue Florida plumbing licenses to plumbers and the licenses are good for two years. There are a variety of apprentice training programs in Florida that are offered in conjunction with various technical schools, builder’s associations, community colleges and the Florida Department of Education.


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