Meet Our New Certified Installer in Florida: GEM Statewide Plumbing

Perma-Liner Industries is proud to work with our certified installers, all of whom are first-rate. We get especially happy when we have the pleasure of introducing them to you. If you’re a resident of Florida, it’s time to introduce you to Gem Statewide Plumbing! Gem specializes in electronic leak detection. As new homes are built with concrete foundations, slab leaks will occur which may surface from any imperfection in the concrete foundation. That’s why it’s vital to have a professional

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Florida Cities Offer Sewer Connection Assistance

Many Cities throughout Florida participate in the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) to fund and administer the Sewer Connection Assistance Program. The program assists eligible homeowners who live in neighborhoods impacted by the City’s septic to central sewer system program. The funds may be used to pay costs associated with connection to the sewer system, including:  City impact fees, City special assessment fees, private plumber sewer system connection fees. Up to $12,000 per housing unit is available, in the form

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The City of Cocoa Uses Asset Management for Improved Water Quality

The City of Cocoa and its Utility Department has approximately 17,000 residents and has implemented an effective change in how it manages the underground infrastructure.  The utility is focusing on a proactive strategy: thoroughly taking stock of the water distribution system’s conditions, systematically setting priorities for repairing or replacing the lines, valves and other assets, and better deploying manpower and technology to get the job done. City officials have been willing to preside over increasing budgets for both operations and

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