Paying Homage: Miami Steadfast Sewer Itinerary

The city of Miami has been investing in viable options for sewer repair and replacement of pipelines in a state of disrepair. For years, Miami has been a positive reference for other cities when it comes to learning the best method of keeping water infrastructures operating at a superior level. The city’s efficiency for maintaining the sewer system has not gone unnoticed. Equipped with a comprehensive master plan, Miami’s capital improvement program is in full effect and while hundreds of

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Miami’s Solutions to Guard against Infrastructure Damage and Climate Change

The city of Miami has demonstrated remarkable resiliency for sewer infrastructures in the Southeast region of Florida. As a coastal city with strong geographical growth constraints, Miami is already experiencing the effects of climate change, including frequent tidal floods. The city is planning a Sea-Level Rise Pilot Program that will use geographic information system data to strengthen innovation and resources for the residents of the city. The geology and topography of Miami make groundwater issues particularly challenging, making flooding issues

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Miami’s Shifting Sea Wall Elevation and Waterfront Homes

In Miami, many tourists and residents alike find the charm of the city has a pull of its own.  An array of pleasing characteristics make Miami an ideal place to reside. While beautiful homes surround waterfront lots, there are important factors to consider when looking into local real estate. A question that one may ask: does the street flood during extreme tides? The city is part of a region where climate change will fuel sea-level rise by as much as

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