Waterline Renewal Technologies
Tried & Tested Materials

Tried & Tested Materials

My usual supplier provided me with a “new improved” product but after several failures of the new improved lining material I’m not so sure. How

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Flush Advisory

Don’t flush that!

Do you pour grease down your kitchen sink drain? Do you flush wipes down the toilet? You should probably rethink both. These mindless things most

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In Miami the most common pipe line is cast iron
Pipelining Posts

Miami Pipes Getting Clogged

Sewer systems in Miami are getting clogged due to those so-called flushable wipes. After being flushed, the journey of your wipe starts with the pipes

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City Sewer Blockage
Perma Lateral

Sewer Crisis in Florida

There are numerous examples throughout the state of Florida that have to do with sewage spills. And these sewage spills are causing more problems that

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