Meet Our New Certified Installer in Florida: GEM Statewide Plumbing

Perma-Liner Industries is proud to work with our certified installers, all of whom are first-rate. We get especially happy when we have the pleasure of introducing them to you. If you’re a resident of Florida, it’s time to introduce you to Gem Statewide Plumbing! Gem specializes in electronic leak detection. As new homes are built with concrete foundations, slab leaks will occur which may surface from any imperfection in the concrete foundation. That’s why it’s vital to have a professional plumbing contractor with the right equipment to locate the leak. An outstanding plumber will always receive great reviews from happy customers: “just had another great job completed by Gem Plumbing. This time we had a full re-plumbing and the guys were professional, went above & beyond to make sure everything was perfect” is just one of the rave reviews. Gem Statewide Plumbing leaves nothing off the list with an extensive line of services offered for all of your residential plumbing problems including sewer lines, drain cleaning, hydro jetting services, garbage disposals, video inspections and much more. Gem also provides you with 24 hour service and is currently offering discounts and special offers! Call to get your free estimate and remember to ask about the many additional services offered. 1-941-475-7000 or You can look forward to being a happy customer!

Interesting fact: North Miami has had great success with the installation of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure Program capable of leak detection. This has been an integral solution to aid in time efficiency and inspections. Prior to the new system, surveying the 550 mile pipeline system was a drawn-out, inefficient process which used staff resources, money and water ineffectively. In addition, the new leak detection system is equipped with real time customer usage data which has vastly improved customer satisfaction.


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