Miami is Pioneering Advancements in Sewage Containment

In an effort to adapt to a state law prohibiting Miami-Dade’s disposal of treated sewage through ocean outfall pipes, the county is building injection wells designed to pump treated waste into a cavern like space or ‘ boulder zone’.  Deep caverns have been documented in Florida’s geology. The county currently has 21 injection wells in north and south Dade. By 2025, it is projected to be double that amount at a cost summary of $635 million. This initiative is considered cutting-edge and could very well put distance between the residence of Miami and the millions of gallons of sewage produced every day.

The city is also working to improve flood mitigation for families and businesses in the 8.5 Square Mile Area east of the Everglades National Park. Last week, the District excavated a 175-foot connection between the S-358 seepage canal and the S-357 pump station adjacent to the 8.5 Square Mile Area. This is for the purpose of lowering the water level in that seepage canal, lowering the water table, thus providing direct relief to properties within the 8.5 Square Mile Area that are experiencing standing water. The connection also eliminates the need for several pumps being used to provide temporary relief.

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