Miami’s Pioneering Discovery in Pipeline Defects

Miami has coined an innovative way to scan underground pipeline to detect sewer line leaks.  The Miami -Dade Sewer dept. has adopted a low voltage technology for testing gravity sewer lines.  This process is called Electro Scan.  This is used essentially to detect loss of water/leaks AKA exfiltration in the drainage system.  This tool is also key in determining how damage to the pipeline would subsequently affect other sources of water, potentially causing an environmental health hazard.  The premise of what some would call a high tech detection mode is this: since sewer pipe is known to be made from materials that prevent electric current, such as brick, clay and cement, no electric current would escape unless there is a leak; thereby detecting a problem.  Kudos to our Miami engineers for being at the forefront of such advancements and paving the way for our City’s most advanced underground infrastructure evaluations.

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