The Florida Lawn: What’s Required?

Proper lawn maintenance is vital for the long-term health of your lawn. Appropriate mowing and watering practices must occur so your lawn will have a healthy root system, be more drought-tolerant and be able to resist pests and disease.  Practicing a few guidelines will keep your lawn maintained well. When mowing, be sure not to remove more than one-third of the leaf blade at any one time. Cutting too much of the leaf blade can stress your lawn. If your grass is under any stress (shade, traffic, drought, etc.), raise the mowing height. Mowing at low heights can result in a shallow root system. Keep your mower blades sharp. A dull blade tears the grass blades, making the grass unattractive and prone to an influx of insects or disease. Do not mow when grass is wet. This is unsafe for you, tough on the mower and bad for the grass.

If you miss a weekly mowing, raise the mower height so you do not remove too much of the grass blade. Bring the height back down to the recommended level gradually over the next few weeks. Keep grass clippings, vegetative material and vegetative debris away from storm drains, ditches, water bodies and roadways. Leave grass clippings on the ground as they return nutrients and organic matter back to the lawn. Regardless of the season, grass needs no more than one half to three quarters inch of water each time you irrigate. In the winter months, grass growth is less active and may need to be watered every 10 to 14 days.

Miami, did you know? Single family homeowners are eligible for a free evaluation of your in-ground irrigation system as part of the Landscape Irrigation Project sponsored by the Miami-Dade County Water Use Efficiency Section.


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