South Florida’s Ecosystem and Everglades Task Force

The greater Everglades ecosystem, called the south Florida ecosystem, stretches south from Orlando through the Chain of Lakes, the Kissimmee Valley, Lake Okeechobee, the remaining Everglades, and on to the waters of Florida Bay and the coral reefs. The current ecological mission is to preserve the Everglades landscape and wildlife. The South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force consists of 14 members. There are seven federal, two tribal, and five state and local government representatives. The duties of the Task Force

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Florida Cities Offer Sewer Connection Assistance

Many Cities throughout Florida participate in the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) to fund and administer the Sewer Connection Assistance Program. The program assists eligible homeowners who live in neighborhoods impacted by the City’s septic to central sewer system program. The funds may be used to pay costs associated with connection to the sewer system, including:  City impact fees, City special assessment fees, private plumber sewer system connection fees. Up to $12,000 per housing unit is available, in the form

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What Precipitates Sinkhole Events in Florida

As Florida’s population grows it expands into areas which may be potentially more susceptible to sinkhole formation. Therefore, more sinkholes are being witnessed and reported. There are several factors to consider in the formation of a sinkhole. Such as: Hydrologic conditions, including lack of rainfall, lowered water levels, or, conversely, excessive rainfall in a short period of time, can all contribute to sinkhole development.  Sinkholes form naturally under standard geologic and hydro geologic conditions throughout much of Florida. Additional stresses

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Contractor Licensure Guidelines in Florida

If you’re interested in becoming a licensed contractor in Florida, there are certain guidelines to follow on the pathway to your licensure.  In Florida, there are two types of  licenses available: certified and registered.  Certified licenses allow you to work as a contractor anywhere in Florida. Registered licenses are limited to certain local jurisdictions and only allow you to work in the cities or counties where you hold a certificate of competency. Keep in mind, a plumber’s license is a

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The City of Cocoa Uses Asset Management for Improved Water Quality

The City of Cocoa and its Utility Department has approximately 17,000 residents and has implemented an effective change in how it manages the underground infrastructure.  The utility is focusing on a proactive strategy: thoroughly taking stock of the water distribution system’s conditions, systematically setting priorities for repairing or replacing the lines, valves and other assets, and better deploying manpower and technology to get the job done. City officials have been willing to preside over increasing budgets for both operations and

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Florida: Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Florida receives more than 70 percent of its rainfall within just three months.  And we know that when it rains…it really does pour at certain times of the year. Florida receives nearly half of its rainfall during the months of June, July and August and receives an average of 54 inches of rainfall per year.  However, there are certain months where there is little to no rainfall at all.  Much of the rainwater is lost as storm water runoff, so

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Okaloosa’s Pipeline Repair and Road Closures

Residents of Okaloosa County, the City would like to inform you of pipeline repair going on in your neighborhood. The Road Division will be replacing storm water pipes at 3008 Bob White Drive and no through traffic will be permitted on Bob White Drive beginning today September 30th for approximately 3 weeks.  Anyone needing to access a Bob White Drive residence north of this closure should use the east entrance into Quail Run Subdivision (Quail Hollow Road) then turn back

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Rainy Season in Gainesville Keeps Sewer Lift Stations Busy

The seasonal rainfall has been at an all-time high in the City of Gainesville.  Last week, City workers needed to pump storm water out of the sewer system’s lift station.  Residents were informed by the City of the necessity for the late night work in order to keep their homes safe from a sewer backup.  The lift stations are in place to help pump wastewater from low to higher elevations.  Due to the heavy rains all spring and summer, the

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Miami offers Two Sewer Improvement Trainings in September

Miami is at the forefront of some extensive capital improvement plans for the City’s sewer system. To provide awareness and community ownership, The Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (WASD), along with the Miami-Dade County Internal Services Department’s Small Business Development will host the Capital Improvement Program Training Workshop for Pump Stations on Wednesday Sept. 2, 2015.  The City has taken an aggressive approach to readiness by providing information and resources to county certified small firms interested in bidding on pump

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Miami’s Pioneering Discovery in Pipeline Defects

Miami has coined an innovative way to scan underground pipeline to detect sewer line leaks.  The Miami -Dade Sewer dept. has adopted a low voltage technology for testing gravity sewer lines.  This process is called Electro Scan.  This is used essentially to detect loss of water/leaks AKA exfiltration in the drainage system.  This tool is also key in determining how damage to the pipeline would subsequently affect other sources of water, potentially causing an environmental health hazard.  The premise of

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